Topwell整体解决方案交流直流氩弧焊机MASTER TIG 400CT
Topwell整体解决方案交流直流氩弧焊机MASTER TIG 400CT
Topwell整体解决方案交流直流氩弧焊机MASTER TIG 400CT
Topwell整体解决方案交流直流氩弧焊机MASTER TIG 400CT
Topwell整体解决方案交流直流氩弧焊机MASTER TIG 400CT
Topwell整体解决方案交流直流氩弧焊机MASTER TIG 400CT


400A / 26V
80 KG




    Powerful, Excellent DC Pulse TIG

    • Application:

      Metal fabrication workshops
      Shipyards and offshore industry
      Chemical and process industry
      Steel structure workshops
    • Processes:

      DC TIG (GTAW)
      AC TIG (GTAW)
      MIX TIG (GTAW)
      Stick (SMAW)
    • Input Power: 340-460V, 3-Phase 

      Amperage Range: 5-400A
      Rated Output at 40℃ (104℉):
      400A at 26V @60% Duty Cycle
      Weight: 80kg



    Conventional Pulsed TIG

    Typically from 0.2 to 10 PPS. Provides a heating and cooling effect on the weld puddle and can reduce distortion by lowering the average amperage. This heating and cooling effect also produces a distinct ripple pattern in the weld bead. The relationship between pulse frequency and travel speed determines the distance between the ripples. Slow pulsing can also be coordinated with filler metal addition and can increase overall control of the weld puddle.

    High Speed Pulsed TIG

    In excess of 40 PPS, Pulsed TIG becomes more audible than visible—causing increased puddle agitation for a better as-welded microstructure. Pulsing the weld current at high speeds — between a high Peak and a low Background amperage — can also constrict and focus the arc. This results in maximum arc stability, increased penetration and increased travel speeds.

    AC waveshape

    Standard Square Wave

    The Standard Square Wave offers fast transitions between EN and EP for a responsive, dynamic, and focused arc with better directional control. It forms a fast-freezing puddle with deep penetration and fast travel speeds.

    Sine Wave

    The Sine Wave a soft arc with the feel of a conventional power source. It provides good wetting action and actually sounds quieter than other waves. Its fast transition through the zero amperage point also eliminates the need for continuous high frequency.


    Features of MIX TIG:

    The AC current can get a very good clearance, and DC current can get a deeper penetration.
    Use the MIX TIG we can get an excellent Arc Concentration,

    can be carried out the excellent welding performance from thin to thick plate.

    1) Nice weld appearance, deep penetration.

    2) Excellet Arc Concentration..

    3) Substantially reduce the electrode consumption.

    MIX TIG Frequency (Hz):

    the cycle time of MIX

    TIG in 1 second. Adjustable range: 0.1-10Hz.

    MIX TIG Balance (DC) %:

    DC Balance (%) = (tad/Tmix) x 100

    AC Waveshape Controls

    Frequency control

    Controls the width of the Controls the width of the arc cone.

    Increasing the AC Frequency provides a more focused arc with increased directional control.

    Note: Decreasing the AC Frequency softens the arc and broadens the weld puddle for a wider weld bead.

    AC Balance Control

    Controls arc cleaning action. Adjusting the % EN of the AC wave controls the width of the etching zone surrounding the weld.

    Note: Set the AC Balance control for adequate arc cleaning action at the sides and in front of the weld puddle. AC Balance should be fine tuned according to how heavy or thick the oxides are.

    Amplitude Control

    Adjusts the ratio of EN to EP amperage to precisely control heat input to the work and the electrode.

    EN amperage controls the level of penetration, while EP amperage dramatically effects the arc cleaning action along with the AC Balance control.


  • Item No MASTERTIG-400CT
    Rated Input Voltage 3PH ~ 230V ±15%
    Max. Load Power Capacity TIG: 14.39KVA
      MMA: 14.21KVA
    Rated Duty Cycle(40) 60% TIG: 400A/26V
      MMA: 315A/32.6V
    100% TIG: 315A/22.6V
      MMA: 250A/30V
    Welding Current/Voltage Range TIG: 5A/10.2V~400A/26V
      MMA: 20A/20.8V~315A/32.6V
    Open Circuit Voltage 70V~80V
    Power Factor 0.85
    Efficiency 85%
    TIG    Pulse       Peak Current 5A~400A
    TIG;    Pulse      Pulse Frequency 0.2Hz~200Hz
    TIG;   Pulse      Pulse Width (Ratio) 1~100%
    TIG;     AC TIG       AC Frequency Range 20Hz~250Hz
    TIG;     AC TIG       AC Clean Width (AC Balance) +40~-40
    TIG;     AC TIG       AC Clean Ratio (AC Bias) % +30~-50
    TIG;     MIX TIG       MIX Frequency 1Hz~5Hz
    TIG;     MIX TIG       DC Balance (%) 20~80
    TIG;     Arc-starting Current 5A~400A
    TIG;     Crater-filling Current 5A~400A
    TIG;     Current Up-slope Time 0.1S~15S
    TIG;     Current Down-slop Time 0.1S~15S
    TIG;     Pre-Gas Time 0.1S~15S
    TIG;     Flow-Gas Time 0.1S~15S
    TIG;     Spot Arc Time 0.1S~10S
    MMA    Arc Force 10A~315A
    MMA    Hot Start Time 0.1~3S
    MMA    Hot Start Current 10A~250A
    Dimension (LxWxH) 960x420x900mm
    Water-cooling Unit: WC-150
    Operating Voltage 230V 50/60Hz
    Rated Power 260W
    Cooling Power 1.5KW(1L/MIN)
    Maximum Pressure 0.3MPA/60HZ
    Recommended Cooling Liquid 20%~40% ethanol/water
    Tank Volume 6.5L
  • For Standard accessories



    TIG torch:TIG-12



    Electrode holder with cable 2M
    Earth clamp with cable 2M

    For Optional accessories






    Argon gas regular






    Foot Pedal



    Water-cooling unit: WC-100

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